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Problem regarding PI Connector for OPC UA going to PI to PI Interface

Question asked by RoyRobinJr on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by VAshok

Hi community,


My Architecture is:

1st VM - OPC Server & PI Connector OPC UA

connecting to

2nd VM - Source PI Server

connecting to

3rd VM - PI to PI Interface

connecting to

4th VM - Corporate Destination PI Server



When running PI COnnector opc ua this is automated created tags to the 2nd VM. Then all tags are updating.

Then I do setup this for the corporate network I used the 3rd VM PI to PI Interface connecting to the 4th VM Corporate Destination PI Server. I added all the tags that was created by the PI connector OPC UA from the 2nd vm Source PI Server, to the 4th VM Corporate PI Server.

Upon checking Some Tags are updating but some tags are values are I/O Timeout to the Corporate destination PI Server.



  1. 1. I again recreate the tags in corporate that have I/O Timeout.
  2. 2. Configurations of the tags in coporate are same with the source PI Server.



is there anything else i should do to with this IO Timeout.


Attach some screenshots

Source PI Server Auto generate tags of OPC UA




Corporate PI Server