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PI Notifications RESTful JSON Object Nesting in Message Body

Question asked by on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by Rhys Kirk

Looking for any options or way to send JSON nested object to Webservice Endpoints of which require more strict syntax. We are try to integrate through PI Notifications in PSE and finding that the end point will only accept JSON syntax for nested objects structured like Example 1 vs Example 2, where as PSE does not seem to support anything other than Example 2 syntax structure.



Nested Object Styles:

EXAMPLE 1 - Functional Nested Object Syntax, but notsupported in PSE


Items {

"Name": "<name>",

"Description": "<description>"




EXAMPLE 2 - Non-Functional Nested Object Syntax, supported in PSE


"Items.Name": "<name>",

"Items.Description": "<description>"



We tested the above nesting method based on upon the below Array syntax example from PI System Explorer of which does not work with our endpoint we are integrating.