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find pi point by id

Question asked by arikyudin222 on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 19, 2019 by arikyudin222

Hi guys,

I'm I'm struggling with the PI Web API documentation trying to figure out how to find PIPoint by id, rather then by web_id.

I've found that I can pass a "WebIDType" parameter to Point.GET API as described in it's documentation: Get GET points/{webId} Where WebIDType can be "Full" (default), "IDOnly" or three other types (WebID Type ).

Unfortunately trying to pass WebId=175333 and WebIDType=IDOnly as the id returned from the same API by the Full WebId, I get an error: HTTP response body: {"Errors":["Unknown or invalid WebID format: '175333'."]}


Am I missing something or there is no way to select PI points by their ID the same way it's possible by the AF_SDK?