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DeltaV PI to PI interface "Update list overflow"

Question asked by kellyam on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by gmichaud-verreault



I have a PI to PI interface that currently collects data from DeltaV and is working fine.

We installed a new DeltaV (Advanced Continuous Historian) that we want to migrate to.

We change the interface IP address to the new server and start it. It backfills for a set period of 4 hours.

It completes in about 5 minutes but when it tries to switch to the snapshot subsystem it fails with "Update List Overflow".

The recovery never completes and it ends up in a circle starting again.


When i look at the Update Manager during the switch to the snapshot subsystem i can see it signup the points (30,000), but when it gets to higher numbers in the signup (around 23,000) the pending queue climbs and eventually exceeds the max tuning parameter and fails.

I have tried tweaking the tuning parameters (MaxUpdateQueue and TotalUpdateQueue) to large numbers but this hasn't helped. 


Are there any tools / methods to troubleshoot this problem?