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Call SAP Webservice from PI Notification Delivery Channel

Question asked by glassro0 on May 22, 2019

Is it possible to configure a SAP webservice for the delivery endpoint of a PI Notification?

I selected the webservice option for the delivery channel.

The webservice is soap, so I selected SOAP.

I enter the URL for the webservice and when I click get web service button. I always get an error stating "There was an error downloading the 'URL'.  The request failed with HTTP status 415: Unsupported Media Type."

I am using basic authentication.


Is the webservice address expecting the WSDL URL of the service or the actual service URL?

I tried both, but still get errors.


The web service and web method textboxes are grayed out, so I can not fill them manually.


I tested the SAP webservice using Soap UI and it works successfully.


Has anyone done this?


PI AF Server 2018 version