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Unable to connect to PI Data server using PI Web API

Question asked by aperio on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by James Devine

Hi guys,

My PI Server stopped functioning today for some reason, so I was need to install a new instance of PI 2018 on a Windows server 2019.

Now, I usually connect to the PI using one of the two methods AF_SDK or PI WebAPI.

After struggling few hours with the PI, I've finally managed to connect using AF_SDK (I was need to disable windows defender, but about that maybe next time).
I've set all the security settings as on my old PI server, so PI WebAPI should also work without any issue....

Unfortunately when I try to connect with to my PI host with https, I get the following message:


{   "Errors": [     "The PI Data Archive '10.0.X.XX' already contains an ID of 'EC2AMAZ-XXXXXX'. Error: 'Confirmed server entry with duplicate Server ID already exists: EC2AMAZ-XXXXXX'"   ] }

I'm not sure how to handle this kind of message, so I've tried to google it hopping that anyone else maybe got the same issue ever, but without any success.

Any idea what can it be?