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PI System Explorer (PI AF) rejects client credentials when attempting to open the application. I do not get a prompt to input my credentials. As a PI Admin what options do I have?

Question asked by I'm_AusEm on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by I'm_AusEm

As the titel suggests, I get an error when opening the PI System Explorer application. There is a small pop-up window as shown below:

When I select OK I get the following Window:

Retry brings me to the same small pop-up. Abort quits entirely, and select brings me to the following window:

Upon clicking the "..." I get to the server that's available and it brings me back to the Error window I indicated above. The properties I'm using match that of other users who successfully connect. Lastly, the "Connect" option also brings me back around to the Error window.


I can successfully open our Data Server and create/delete/edit PI Points but I'm unable to access our Asset Server. I should also note that the excel add-in PI Builder successfully works, but PI Datalink does not.


I appreciate any and all responses. Thank you.


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