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PI Vision Collection Bug

Question asked by andrew_Inwood on Jul 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by andrew_Inwood

We have a number of wells, and I have set up a template for each in the Asset Framework.  One of the Attributes of each well is whether it is Flowing or not.  The attribute is populated in an expression analysis template, and the Data Type for the Attribute is an enumeration set.  


I have set-up a PI Vision display, and I have used a collection to dynamically generate the graphics for all the wells.  I want to filter-out any wells that are not flowing.  I therefore "Edit Collection Criteria", and add a filter on the Asset Attribute for "FLOWING".  The PI Vision display appears to recognize that the various status codes are part of an enum, given me the correction options in the drop-down.  But, the filter doesn't work.


FLOWING = TRUE => No Items match the Collection Criteria

FLOWING != FALSE => No Items match the Collection Criteria

FLOWING != TRUE => Returns all assets, flowing or not.

FLOWING = FALSE => Returns all assets, flowing or not.


I've tried various solutions - originally the attribute was a String, I've also tried deleting the "Facility" attribute - that makes no difference (except that for the full list, I get a list of all elements from all facilities, so it proves that the Facility filter is working).


Can anyone offer any insights?