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Vibration High Frequency data ingestion to PI Server.

Question asked by ArunkumarNachiappan on Jul 5, 2019
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We are having huge OSI PI infrastructure with Local Site OSI PI and Enterprise OSI PI. Now we wanted to do the vibration analysis for our rotating equipment. Kindly help me to understand on the following,


1. Whether OSI PI can handle and store raw vibration time series data, having said that vibration samples per second per sensor 4096 samples for three accelerators, so high volume of data expected to ingest. Kindly explain PI connectors and storage mechanism, limitation of data ingestion to PI.


2. I understand PI has the interface for the FFT analysis, whether PI also can store the analysed frequency domain data. How many parallel services of this FFT we can run in one machine?


3. If I am using IFM VSE151, it is a vibration analyser providing data in the TCP/IP protocol, can i integrate this in our PI system. 


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