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PI Vision not displaying Event Table

Question asked by Craig_Sempf on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Craig_Sempf

Hi. Firstly thank you to the guru's who regularly post here with solutions. I have had numerous problems resolved by the information provided.


In this case I could not find any relevant previous discussions.


We have multiple PI-AF / PI Vision installations and can not get a simple Event Table to work. The event list appears fine in the navigation hierarchy, but when inserted a perpertual "loading wheel" is all that we see.


I have checked event logs and can't find any leads on what the issue may be. Some of these installations are very new, so most recent versions should be applied. Every thing else in PI Vision seems to work ok for us.


I see other discussions on formatting the data of the event table. I'd love to be in that position. I am hoping someone has seen these symptoms before and might be able to provide some options or at least things to check on.


Event Table Failing


Thank you,