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Cannot convert to type double error

Question asked by GDKennedy on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by GDKennedy

I have the following equation in PIAF in the output is a run time

IF prevval('VA2801-STATE',prevevent('VA2801-STATE','*')) = "STOP" or prevval('VA2801-STATE',prevevent('VA2801-STATE','*')) = "BAD" and tagval('VA2801-STATE') = "RUN" THEN ('*'-PrevEvent('VA2801-STATE','*'))/60 ELSE TagVal('VA2801-STATE','*')


I keep getting an error that says cannot convert to a type double, I have this same equation in multiple places that works well but for some reason I cannot get past this error on this unit.   Can somebody please tell me how to fix this, I have tried float 64, int 64.


Thank you.