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PI Connector for OPC UA - problem with reading data

Question asked by MARILLION on Aug 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2019 by gmichaud-verreault

Hi PI Community

      I have several thousends signals to read from OPC UA. I divided them into several groups (datasources).

I tried to use both modes:

  • OPC UA type definitions,
  • OPC UA NodeIds - tags-only.

When creating a subscription and adding next group I get "connection failed" on all datasources.

Also I noticed in logs errors as following:

Severity: Error
Timestamp: 08/12/2019 15:44:39.343
Message: [NAW] (No nodes are matching the filter)  ...(it is not true!)


Severity: Error
Timestamp: 08/20/2019 10:14:21.549
Message: [NAW] ReadAsync error: BadRequestTimeout [BadRequestTimeout]


I make up my mind to start subscriptions with small portions of signals and encrease number of tags in file. On the begining was ok but after I defined next portion of mappings in file, connection was broken for all previously defined subscriptions (in datasources). Restarting connector (windows service), clearing cach, doing some changes in config file, setting timeout parameters didn't bring efect - all in vain.
How investigate problem to find solution? Is it matter of connenctor or OPC UA.

Any sugestions?


I did't have such cases with PI interface technology (including sufficient logs and usful parameters to fit all needs for transmition).


thanks and regards