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AF Analysis evaluating and writing different results

Question asked by Rhishabh.Singh on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by Rhishabh.Singh

Hello All,

I have come across a problem where one of  the Analysis in not writing data  to the a tag according to it expression, irrespective of the expression it writes ‘0’.

But when Analysis is evaluated it shows up the correct results.

Using the ‘Preview Results’ option also shows up correct results  but the Analysis has written  ‘0’ Value to the Tag in this same window.

Backfilling the Analysis also results into correct values; to check further  Analysis service was restarted several times but the same behavior was observed.

Would like to know the reason behind this and how this can be rectified,Thanks in advance.


Inputs to Analysis.

Analysis Evaluation Results.


Analysis Preview results


Timeseries Data written to the Tag,the timestamps where  non zero values are recorded is due to backfilling.