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Updating tag name on PI Vision display

Question asked by Ananya_Bhakat on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by Ananya_Bhakat

We have PI Vision native displays on PI Vision server DS which we need to move to PI Vision server AM.

Now, the tags that are present on the displays on PI Vision server DS are from the PI Server DS. They have a naming convention prefixed with DS*.

When the displays are copied to PI Vision server AM, the tag names need to be updated to AM* as that’s the convention on PI Server AM which is available on PI Vision server AM.


I know we can easily change the PI Server name from DS to AM while copying the files using PI Vision Display Utility. But the issue now is with the tag names. Is there a way we can update the tag names from back-end instead of needing to almost recreate each display? We have around 80 such displays with an average of 10 tags per display.