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AF System Explorer very slow

Question asked by viul on Oct 16, 2019
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We run two Archives (Collectives) and corresponding AF, both over 30k tags/attributes. System Explorer is running considerably slower on Production AF than on Utility AF. Switching from General to Attribute tab takes up to 15 seconds in Production vs. max 0.5s on Utility. Even clicking a different attribute than the selected takes 4 seconds!


Server Specs:

Production: dualcore Xeon 6 cores each, 24GB Memory, Windows Server 2008R2, PI AF Service Version, MS SQL Server 12

Utility: 4 Cores, 12 GB Memory, Windows Server 2012R2, Virtual Machine, PI AF Service Version, MS SQL Server 12

Production also runs Coresight.


There is no extensive load noticeable on either server, utility has a baseload of around 25% (mostly sqlservr), production around 1-2%. This happens the same on my rather slim workstation vs my colleagues beefy machine.


How can I debug this behaviour? Do you have any easy fixes I'm not aware of?


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-- edit: added SQL Server Version