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PI AF Event Frame Outputs at Close to count event frames

Question asked by AwsFHR on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by AwsFHR

I am trying to track the reliability of field sensors over the life of the sensor. I have a pi point currently writing a string of the quality of the sensor. I want to track if the sensor has gone “Comm Fail” and have historical information of this saved to a pi point. So basically every time the point goes com fail the counter counts up by one indefinitely. I would also like to track the duration of the comm fail in the same manner, similar to an accumulator of the time spent comm fail. Since there are many sensors to track I am trying to make the analysis as efficient as possible to prevent using more pi points than needed. I tried doing this through both normal analyses and the event frame outputs at close. Any help would be appreciated, I was able to get the event frame to output the information for a single event frame, but could not get this written to a pi point that would add up with additional event frames.