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How do I show the true current value in PI Vision?

Question asked by rdb6777 on Dec 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2020 by Roger Palmen

I have some tags that are populated with approximately 90s of future data in an otherwise historical PI tag. When I add these tags to a PI Vision display as Value elements with the Now button selected, instead of getting the value at the "Now" time stamp, I get the most recently added value, which is in the future. I noticed that PI Datalink and AF server do the same. When I try to get a current value in Datalink or do a roll-up analysis at the current time in AF server, tags with future data in them contribute the most recent (future) value, rather than the value as of the current time stamp. I have attached a screen shot of the AF Server display with the Value time stamp compared to the Now time stamp. This causes displays and analyses to be incorrect. Is there any way to get any of these PI applications to show the true current value?