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Question asked by caffreys_col on Jan 9, 2020
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Just need a bit of guidance regarding the differences between the RDBMS interface, the ODBC interface, and the OLEDB interface.

I have an application which uses a SQL database to store data. Currently a sister site uses the RDBMS interface to access SQL data on a similar system. My site is looking to do the same thing (access the SQL data) but we don't have a RDBMS licence only a ODBC and OLEDB licence. Is there any reason to use RDBMS over ODBC? Our sister site has the SQL queries defined in the extended descriptor field (using RDBMS) and I'm wondering if I can access the same data using the ODBC interface?

Just to clarify I have no experience with RDBMS/ODBC/OLEDB, I'm merely asking if I can access the same SQL data using the ODBC interface instead of the RDBMS interface. I've seen the presentation/youtube video of the various PI connectors (PI-SQL, RDBMS, ODBC, OLEDB) but I just got more confused!