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Daily Event Frame Generation Analyses

Question asked by aewan on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by sraposo

Hello PISquare,


I want to create daily event frames.

I have seen this post: Run Event Frame for only 24 hours 

It describes setting the Start and End Triggers to be the same thing (say Hour('*') = 6, for every day at 6:00AM)

Then you set the Start Trigger as True for a period of time (eg. 1 second).

If I set this EF Gen Analysis to run daily at 6am, or I could set it to run every hour.


With this configuration, I get daily event frames, yes.  But I only get those event frames after the End Trigger has fired and the event frame is closed.  I don't get an open event frame throughout the day from 6am.  

Running the Preview on this analysis:

There are the daily event frames for yesterday and the day before.  But no event frame started this morning (22/1/2020 6AM).

If I do not use the True for setting and change the EndTrigger to a different time, then I see an open event frame, but my event frame is not a full day long.


So some questions:

  1. How does the True for parameter work?
    1. When is it calculated?
    2. Why do I only see the event frame after it ends?
  2. Is there another easy way (without having to create other analyses or pi points. AND without using the other Generation Modes) to get daily event frames that are open for the duration of the day until that same time on the following day?