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PI Vision Collection - ordering

Question asked by DanielZoltanSlovnaft on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by DanielZoltanSlovnaft

Dear All, I have a PI vision collection: Technological cards, having many columns in it. This table contains name of equipment, name of PI Point, Slovak Name and English, Value actual, Value Min, Value Max, semaphore and button to trending. The values are stored in PI AF, some of the items are from Table, some of the items are from the PI Tag. Currently the collection is based on the Name ENG - with red color highlighted, which is bad , but it was given automatically. I would like to order the Technological cards based on the Name, which is highlighted by blue (first column). ...Continue on the next picture. ... If I am going to check the Edit Collection Criteria, I do not find different way how to set up which column will be the one, which generated the order. Thanks for help...Zoli from Slovnaft Refinery