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ADD-PIvalue using powershell

Question asked by Edelhart on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by Edelhart

i want to use powershell to add-pivalue

from a txt file looking like this


36CBATCHEQ, 23-nov-13 10:17:00, OHB00106
36CBATCHEQ, 23-nov-13 18:17:00, OHB00106
36CBATCHEQ, 24-nov-13 02:17:00, OHB00106
36CBATCHEQ, 24-nov-13 04:01:00, OHB00106
36CBATCHEQ, 24-nov-13 09:57:00, OHB00106


but i cant figure out how to adress this into the powershell script


ADD-PIValue -PointName $Tag -Time $Time -value $value    -Connection $con


does anybody has the trick to do this?