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No access to MyOSIsoft Customer Portal

Question asked by Umicore_CSM_NA on Jan 31, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2020 by Sofia_Guzman

Hi everyone,


Our site is entering the PI world in a few weeks. I was designated to be the admin of the site. So I registered my SSO account to access “MyOSIsoft Customer Portal” and add users to my site. I received the e-mail to validate my e-mail and I was directed to a page that said that I was registered and that I should wait 15 minutes before my account would be fully operational. I then tried to login but I was unable to do it : When entering my e-mail and password on the site “” I was redirected to a page that says "You do not have access to this page.”


Please help me gain access to my account. The "How to get a login" PDF is of no help in this case.


Many thanks,