How to avoid Scan-Off values from being written to a Tag when its Point Source is Changed in a running interface

Discussion created by Rhishabh.Singh on Jan 30, 2020

I have read and also experience few PI Square threads which say  Scan off Values will be written to a tag when its point source is changed in a running interface,I want to find a way by which this can be avoided,Would request you all to let me know if there exist such a way and if yes what is that.

The key factors to be considered here is I cannot turn off the Schedulers and I cannot allow an outage to happen.

I could find the below solutions but they do not meet the above two criteria

1. Turn-Off the Interface->Change Point Source->Turn the Interface On- Not feasible to turn off Interface

2. Turn off archiving-Change Point Source-Turn On archiving - A data Outage will occur so cannot use this way and also not sure whether this solution will work

3. Scan off the tags by setting the scan property to 0 and then change the Point source- Does not work ,Scan Off  Values get written.

 I am also not sure that how quickly interface writes Scan-off values to tags once their Point Source  are changed, if it takes ia lot of time because the interface is loaded or etc then is it possible to make the other interface write data to these Tags in the meanwhile,and if other interface writes data will the first interface write scan-off value again.