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Export PI AF AuditTrail

Question asked by JanssenTechSupport on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by lmurphy

I need to export the PI AF Audit Trail from an old PI AF Server (2016 R2) to files (any format) for importing into some SQL db.  Currently trying to export the audit trail from PSE 2018 SP2 (using the PSE "Export to File" option) but exporting <200k rows takes 20+min and still hasn't finished. Not sure why it takes so long


I would like to do this via some script (AFSDK directly or via Powershell tools) - do you have any  code snippet to get me a head start ? Also, if there are any caveats or specific AFSDK classes to use, that would help as well.

Thank you in advance !