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Need help with OPC UA and Siemens PLC

Question asked by Todd.McQuiston on Feb 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by gmichaud-verreault



We are starting to look at using the OPC UA Connector to talk to some new S7 PLC's we've purchased.  I have started messing with the connector, but even after reading the manual front-to-back, I am not having any luck actually connecting to the PLC.


We're able to use Siemens software to do it, so I know it's running and the OPC server is active.  However, the Siemens client is just using a URL like this:  opc.tcp://<ip address>:4840 with nothing after it (like /OpcUa/SimulationServer or similar). 


So, when I put that into the connector config and click "Discover Available Endpoints," it repopulates with:



None of those options mean anything to me, and anyway, none of them work.  If I try to click the "Export Available Type Definitions" button, I just get a 501 error (Cannot connect to server).  


Is anyone using this, and if so, what URL do you use?  I also am not aware of a user name or password.  Again, when using the Siemens client, it just works.