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Authorization denied PI Web API with Anonymous Authentication

Question asked by JScheiwiller on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by gregor

I have two windows server instances on a virtual network for my PI system:

   - One with the PI AF and Data Archive

   - The other with the PI Web API


During configuration of the PI Web API I was able to connect to my Asset Server successfully (to select the configuration store) using the Administrator credentials.


After finishing setup for the PI Web API, I set the AuthenticationMethods array to only 'Anonymous'.


When attempting to send a request to the API (eg. https://localhost/piwebapi) the response status is 401, and the browser shows "Authorization has been denied for this request."


I checked the logs for the PI Web API and see the following messages
    Failed to connect to the remote configuration repository


I don't understand how this is possible, when during the setup I was able to connect to the Asset Server for the configuration store just fine through port 5457.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,