PI Connector For EtherNetIP (PLC card error 16#0204)

Discussion created by mehsham on Feb 24, 2020
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I am connecting an Rockwell PLC 1756-L6x controller via PI Connector For EtherNetIP connector on the interface computer. I followed the instructions on page 21 of the PI connector for Ethernet IP 1.1.0 User Guide. I have also attached it for your review. I am getting the following error(Code 16#0204 Connection Requrest Error. Connection request timed out.) on the PLC virtual bridge card. I have also attached the snippet of the PLC system tree:


Googling the error tells me that it cannot connect to the ethernet driver. PI Connector for ethernet IP services is running. I can ping the IP of the interface. I am lost and not quite sure how to go from here. Below are additional snippets of the setup.