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Manual Entry from PI Vision screen to PI AF Server

Question asked by KaustubhNilegaonkar on Feb 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by KaustubhNilegaonkar

Hello experts ,


We would like to implement manual entry from PI Vision to PI AF Server. We have found one document where can achieve with PI AF, PI DA and webapi. We may have to use custom code to achieve this functionality. We would like to use this for standard PI Vision template for set of equipments. This will be used inside PI AF analysis calculations.


We need to use however just wanted your opinion concerning below conditions as 


1) PI Vision upgrade > Considering upgrade with custom code

2) Webapi upgrade

3) Can we audit trail who is giving inputs as manual input entry via PI Vision


Please also suggest whether this is correct way of implementation from PI AF server performance perspective. 


Thank you


Best Regards


Kaustubh N