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Event trigger analysis

Question asked by KaustubhNilegaonkar on Mar 14, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by bdeslatte

Hello Experts ,


We are working on project where we would like to calculate certain calculations on specific event. This event is sum calculations of 3 PI tags and when they are updated event will be trigger. Update rate for those tags are sporadic i.e. Once in week, in few cases twice a week. We have an attribute created to sum up all PI tags and with that attribute ( Attribute A) event trigger analysis should be trigger. We are facing issues and event trigger analysis is not getting trigger with attribute A and however observation is , event trigger analysis in only getting triggered with PI tags.


Could you please let me know whether any workaround to trigger analysis with attribute A, or we will need to run separate analysis per PI tag to trigger analysis.


Thank you


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Kaustubh N