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Total product quantity going in to silo

Question asked by ckassios on Apr 30, 2020

Hello, I am trying to create an analysis in PI AF to calculate the total quantity of product going in to a silo over a 24 hour period. There is no flowmeter going in to the silo, just a weight indicator giving the weight. The silo can be loaded and unloaded but not at the same time. I have tried doing an analysis similar to the one suggested in Totalizer or Performance Equation to monitor a tank of chemicals and get a total of addition to the tank.   but I think it does not work well a) because of the accuracy of the weight indicator b) because in reality there are several plateaus when there is no loading and unloading something which does not happen for the sinusoid tag- this seems to mess up the Change/PrevChange logic. Any suggestions?


Here is some sample data from the weight indicator from the last week:

23-Apr-20 12:40:5484250
23-Apr-20 12:48:1857000
23-Apr-20 13:11:3654350
23-Apr-20 13:18:2428050
23-Apr-20 14:22:1825350
23-Apr-20 14:28:36300
23-Apr-20 22:20:18350
24-Apr-20 06:12:13300
24-Apr-20 14:04:071200
24-Apr-20 17:47:067500
25-Apr-20 01:40:1931900
25-Apr-20 09:32:1232350
25-Apr-20 17:23:4232300
26-Apr-20 01:15:1832350
26-Apr-20 09:07:2332350
26-Apr-20 13:08:2433700
26-Apr-20 14:44:1244500
26-Apr-20 18:30:1255750
26-Apr-20 22:22:0079600
27-Apr-20 01:48:1896300
27-Apr-20 03:22:36102300
27-Apr-20 07:18:49104400
27-Apr-20 10:19:30113150
27-Apr-20 12:47:11111400
27-Apr-20 12:52:0584950
27-Apr-20 18:37:4888250
27-Apr-20 20:22:2495750
28-Apr-20 02:07:42127500
28-Apr-20 06:58:36143500
28-Apr-20 07:15:48143350
28-Apr-20 07:21:11117950
28-Apr-20 08:21:00121250
28-Apr-20 08:26:1795250
28-Apr-20 08:34:1194050
28-Apr-20 16:32:48135100
29-Apr-20 00:27:53175100
29-Apr-20 08:23:12216650
29-Apr-20 11:01:18229300
29-Apr-20 14:49:30231750
29-Apr-20 17:17:18239100
30-Apr-20 01:10:06239150
30-Apr-20 09:02:18239050
30-Apr-20 10:12:30239100