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PI Web API Unresponsive for Some PI Tags

Question asked by PAVAN_HEMAPAVAN on Jun 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by gregor

Hi all,


I encountered an issue on PI Web API and below is the issue description.


Whenever I try to plot a trend on PI Vision -2019 for Sinusoid Tag, I could browse and and Plot as usual but whenever I try to query the PI Points (Get Points) using PI Web API, I coudn't find the PI Tag on PI Web API. Below are the screenshot results.


Note :

1.PI Vision Version - 2019

2. PI Web API -2019

3. I had opened the PI Vision Page and PI Web API using the same account.

4. I tried to find a basic query to test the functionality of PI Web API Index search and I am able to browse. 

5. We are using "Kerberos" authentication


Please let us know your thoughts on this.