PI OLEDB Connection String

Discussion created by anshuman on Apr 11, 2013
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I tried to connect to the PI server using explicit login method using the following connection strings:-

Provider=PIOLEDB; Data Source=simplyfeye; Integrated Security=false; User ID=piadmin; Password=piadmin
Provider=PIOLEDB; Data Source=,5450; Integrated Security=false; User ID=piadmin; Password=piadmin

In the first instance it successfully connected to the PI server but in the second case  it fails displaying the error:--

[PI SDK] The requested server was not found in the known servers table. Unable to resolve name to IP address.,5450 

I also tried to remove the port no from the Data Source in the second connection string but again i see the same error.

Any clues as to why it is so? Why cant it take the IP address instead of the server name?