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AF Analyses and Automatic Recalculations

Question asked by AlistairFrith on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by skwan

I have been playing with the AF 2014 beta today, particularly with Abacus calculations (analyses) and writing the calculation results back to PI. I am wondering: if the calculation result is output to a basic attribute rather than a PI Point one, does that mean there will be no history? Or can it recalculate history on demand like the Formula data reference? I am assuming it can't do that and would probably have pretty poor performance if it tried to!


If I write the output to a PI tag, I have the option of backfilling data, but not of re-calculating existing values if the inputs change (as far as I can see). Is there an equivelant to the Performance Equation Recalculator subsystem for Abacus? Or some way of forcing it to re-do calculations when a historical value for one of its inputs changes?


--- Alistair.