PI Tag Configurator add in not available

Discussion created by larsoleruben on Feb 5, 2014
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According to this:


The PI Tag Configurator is an add-in to Excel that allows you to create and edit large numbers of tags at once. Note that tag changes such as deleting and changing the name of a tag should be done with regard to the effect on historical data and other PI applications. The PI Tag Configurator is installed with PI-SMT and is made available through the Excel Add-ins manager. In addition to creating tags from a new spreadsheet, you can import tags from the PI server to a spreadsheet, modify them in Excel, and then export tag changes back to the PI server.


How ever, I have installed the SMT and I only have 2 options in Excel: PI and PI AF Builder? If I explore the available Addin's there is not TAG Creator?


I am using excel 2010 and AF 2012?


How do I get the TAG Configurator installed?