PI Coresight 2014 Search Index: Indexed? for AF Databases flips between OK and "? "

Discussion created by IPCOSRumaila on Oct 17, 2014
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I installed "Coresight 2014". I Believe I have the security settings in place. But there is something strange going on.


The indexed status of the AF database is flipping between indexed and not indexed.  While it is indexed I can browse the elements and attributes in Pi Coresight otherwise not.


The AF database has about 40.000 elements and a multiple of this number as attributes. So the crawling takes a while. So there could be time-outs, the crawler results that becomes invalid, .... . But there is few feedback what is really happening. Switching on the Debug and analytics of the WEB API  gives no info, ... .


Changing then value of SearchScanInterval seems to have little effect.


Any advice on tackling this?