Using PiCurrVal in VBA, Excel

Discussion created by Edmund.p on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Jarita Sirois
Hi.  I am trying to use the PiCurrVal function from inside a vba macro.  If I was the write the formula (below, eq1) into a cell, it will correctly return the tag value.  However I am so far unable to call this from VBA.  I believe the formula is from the pipc32.xll addin, and I have enables this in tools>refrences.  I would expect the correct code to be as shown in (below, eq2), however this does not work.  I am new to this forum, can anybody shed some light?

eq1. PICurrVal("gtt2515.fin", 0, "AUSLFDKN4")
eq2. Pipc32.PICurrVal("gtt2515.fin", 0, "AUSLFDKN4")