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Summing up total time within specific date

Question asked by AtMostFear on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by dcort010

Hey guys,


I'm quite new to this PI environment. I was given an Excel file containing a macro that links to PI. I was told it works fine but not until last 3/4 years when they upgraded the company's computer OS or something. I have some basic knowledge in programming so I may be able to understand some if not all.


Basically the script is just to calculate the running hours of a specific equipment within a specified date. Running is 1, Stop is 0. So I just need to sum up the time difference between two 1s within a specific date.


I tried running the script and it worked fine without any errors, but it seems like Excel is not capturing the data from PI. Can anyone take a look and show me where to go from here?


Thank you.