UTC time offset error frequently generated on PI interface

Discussion created by AshishPatel on Mar 21, 2013
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Hello Friends,


We have implemented PI server in our company for Information management


In our system total 5 interfaces are connected and working. Three interfaces
are OPC, other two are modbusE.


Network description: - One OPC interface is connected via copper network. And
remaining 4 are connected using wireless network.

From all wireless networked interface i have face frequent problem.


Mostly ModbusE interfaces are stop working frequently wiht UTC time Offset.
my checkpoints are as below.


01:- I have check Time zone of server and interface machint and both are

02:- I have set time of server and clint same to same.

03:- I have set PLC time and date same as interface machine and server.

04:- I have check buffering system of my interface. API buffering is

05:- Three scan class are defined, 02 second, 03 second and 05 second.


For OPC interface worked on same wireless network i face same problem but frequency
of failure is very low (ones in month)


What is probable solution for solve this problem.