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Licencing limit considerations for DeltaV OPC server when using redundant APIs

Question asked by cappo84 on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by Dhananb

Dear All,


I am looking for some clarity as regarding any licencing limit considerations for DeltaV OPC servers when connecting using a PI-OPC-DA interfaces.


As an overview we had a single API node connected to the deltav system, accessing 6000 tags and we are now upgrading to have three redundant API nodes each accessing the same 6000 tags again (in effect 18000 in total) all from the same single  DeltaV OPC server using OPC-DA, the DeltaV system states that there is a 10250 opc tag licence.


My question is does the deltav tag licence limit have any bearing on multiple OPC DA interfaces reading data from the DeltaV OPC server, or is it just a limit in relation to the I/O for the deltaV?


It is worth noting i am working for an EA customer and we have an unlimited licence for tags with OSI-Soft.


I am not a technical guy by any means so please any help would be appreciated.


Thank you