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PI-SDK noob install error - can't recover

Question asked by StructInt1 on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by StructInt1

OK, I'm a new member, and I just ran the installer for PI-SDK, and when asked in the startup dialog, I entered "CEC_Dev_PIServer" in the field for "Network name of default PI Server". (I see now the proper thing to enter would have been "localhost".


So the install completed, but in the PISDKUtility, it won't let me connect to the Server.  At first, there was a winsock error, which I resolved by adding an entry to my local HOSTS file.  But then I got a second error that I can't crack:


"Conection to CEC_Dev_PIServer failed - Exception: Unable to open a session on a server. [-10727] PINET: RPC is Non-Existent. - Exception: -2147220478"  {== 0x80040402}


I have poked around the forums for half the day, and I've found several people reporting this or similar RPC-related errors, but with no specific solutions.  For instance:
  (1) PINET: RPC is Non-Existend and
  (2) 26013OSI8 - Error messages the first time starting the PI server 2012 and

  (3) Error when connecting to PI server with impersonated identity.


Many of these have to do with mixing old/new versions of PI-SDK and PI-server, but I just installed both.  As far as I can tell:

  PI-Server: 3.4.390.21   (from "pidiag -v")

  PI-SDK:    (from PISDKUtility.exe) 


Any help would be appreciated!  :^)

- Curt Carney