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Getting Digital State through AFAttribute.GetValue()

Question asked by Ian.Gore on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by pthivierge

I have an AFAttribute that uses the PIPoint data reference to look at a digital tag in the PI database.  I'm reading an AFValue from the attribute using "GetValue()".


Depending on how I have the attribute data type set up I can read it as a String or an Int16.  If the value is bad then I know that it will return me an AFEnumerationValue that will give me the system digital state.


However, what if I want the digital state of the digital tag when it's good?  I can't seem to get that as an AFValue/AFEnumerationValue directly through GetValue.   I know I could do it through the PISDK to get the current value as a DigitalState class but I want to use the AFSDK.


How do I do it?


PS:  I've already had a look at the AFData object but that doesn't seem to have the equivalent of the "Snapshot" property that PIData has in the PISDK.