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A simple PI Notifications challenge

Question asked by RolandRich on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by rmeyskens

I have what appears to be a very simple notifications task. However in attempting to implement it, I ran into a number of complications. I am throwing it out to the PI Square community to see what they can come up with and if anyone else has experienced the same issues. The task comes from two actual notification requests from customers.


Situation 1:

Situation 1 occurs at a mining site. Each time a truck leaves the site, it is weighed and this value stored in an integer PI tag. The site operators would like to get an email of the truck weight each time a truck leaves.


Situation 2:

Situation 2 involves an alarm log. There is a string tag containing time-stamped alarm log information. Each time an alarm is generated in the system, it is written to this tag. There can be multiple entries for a single time-stamp. For example:

  • 1/1/2015 13:00:00 -> Boiler 1 temperature high
  • 1/1/2015 13:10:00 -> Steam pressure normal
  • 1/1/2015 13:10:00 -> Boiler 1 about to explode


The site operators would like to get an email each time a new value is written to this tag (i.e each time a new alarm is generated). The email should include the value of the tag.



The above two situations are both very similar; an email needs to be generated each time the tag changes, containing the value of the tag. Sounds simple? However I have found it to be not as easy as it first seems. How would you configure a notification to achieve this?