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Unable to configure secondary server within a collective

Question asked by gaurav1107 Champion on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by chegardt

Hi Guys,


I have got a production license file under which I am entitled for 2 HA secondary connection. I have 2 PI server (1 Primary, 1 Secondary) in production and 1 PI server in DR. I want to create a single collective for these 3 servers.


When I am adding secondary server, it looks fine but when I am trying to add DR PI server within my collective, it is giving me this warning message under PI message logs of DR server.


"License Warning: failed to get or confirm a license seat for the secondary server due to communication problem or other issues with the primary server -- [-10722] PINET: Timeout on PI RPC or System Call"


In PI Collective manager I am getting a error " [-18000] Have not heard from this server".




Is anyone aware of this type of error and what are the steps to resolve it. Please suggest.


Thanks in advance.